Metro Project Statement

Metro – Project Statement

Hold tight to your wallet, mind the gap and stand clear of the closing doors. Join me as
we venture deep beneath the streets to explore metros in ten cities on three continents.

Using available light and a bit of serendipity, I endeavor to create compelling photographs that provide a glimpse into aspects of the human condition. Whenever I step into a subway station it feels as though I have entered a magnificent theater with a diverse cast of characters performing in an unscripted play on an ever-changing stage. My series Metro documents the behavior of ordinary people in mass transit systems in various countries and cultures. As individuals interact with one another in these tightly-packed public spaces, occasionally extraordinary situations that are unexpected, mysterious, humorous or poignant unfold. A strange or wonderful juxtaposition, a spontaneous gesture, a concealed mood or a hidden emotion may materialize and then vanish in a split-second. Such ephemeral events are often overlooked or quickly forgotten. My intent is to capture these fleeting moments as evocative, richly-layered images that allow each viewer to generate a unique personal narrative, and that these candid photographs will prompt us to pause and reflect on our modern lives.

We are so small between the stars,
so large against the sky,
And lost among the subway crowds,
I try to catch your eye.
—Leonard Cohen from Stories of the Street


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